War by sanctions

By: (Thierry Meyssan)

All wars are deadly and brutal, but for the US President ,Trump, it is preferable these wars would be at the lowest price, perhaps the most appropriate way to do that, from his point of view, is killing by economic pressure, not by weapons. And as Trump knows very well that the United States no longer has trade exchanges with the countries it attacks, the financial cost of these wars is usually borne by neutral countries, and definitely not by the Pentagon.

With the spread of theaters of US military operations, and hence the so-called “sanctions”, serious problems began to pose for US allies, especially in the EU countries that some of which were so badly offended by recent US threats to confiscate property of European companies investing in Cuba, the “European countries”, now remembers well the coercive measures taken by the United States to shut down the Iranian market in the face of European companies, thus it responded to those threats with a similar threat to file a complaint with the Arbitration Tribunal to the WTO. It is worth mentioning here that the US sanctions include: Belarus, Burma, Burundi, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Syrian Arab Republic, Somalia, Sudan, Southern Sudan and Ukraine).

Western Europe was not the target of US sanctions at any time, and its sanctions were limited to the countries of the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. All these areas have been listed since 1991 by order of former US President George HW Bush, to be part of the “new world order” to be established.

Since successive US administrations no longer wish to pursue their project, they have been on the sanctions list and have been in chaos since 2001 by former US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his advisor, Admiral Arthur Cebrowski.

As a pre-emptive reaction to the European Union’s reaction, which began to worry about its inability to trade with the world’s willing countries, the Bush administration adopted the Wolfowitz Doctrine, which aims to ensure that Western European states do not have a fully unified and independent armed force.

That is why Washington has strangled the European Union since its birth by imposing a clause in the Maastricht Treaty that emphasizes NATO’s sovereignty over its armed forces. Moreover, this dependence is the only reason behind the WEU solution.

This is why Trump also refrains from dissolving the NATO permanent military organization, because without NATO, the EU will gain independence as returning to treaties will be a sovereign matter, that belongs to it alone, not to the United States.It is certain that all treaties provide for conformity with the Charter of the United Nations.

But, for example, we have seen how the United States took a position in Libya in favor of General KhalifaHafter and against the United Nations-created government. In contrast, we saw how the EU states, one after the other, stood behind the US position.

Let us not say in this case that NATO is a safety barrier, because who controls it is the North Atlantic Council, the NATO member states, and because the Atlantic Council, which approved the process of protecting the Libyan population from alleged “crimes” of Muammar Gaddafi, announced at the same time his objection to any operation that would “change the regime”.

However, the NATO administration took the decision to attack Libya without consulting him.

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