A message from Palestine .. The Golan is in the heart of Palestine

The late President Hafez al-Assad said that Syria will remain for Palestine as Palestine is for Palestine .. Although “some” of the Palestinians did not exchange Syria’s loyalty and manifested their denial in the notorious position of Hamas , many hearts in Palestine -that were buried under the dust of al-Jazeera and the Gulf media -did not die and remained loyal…And remained in Palestine a consciousness waking up to the fact that Palestine is linked to Syria .. And that the thread of placenta between them is the Golan ..

The Golan belongs to Syria and belongs to Palestine at the same time ..

Just as the umbilical cord belongs to both; the mother and the embryo …

This is what a Palestinian citizen said who was traveling from the heart of Palestine to Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights and he saw on the map that the Golan is still on the maps belonging to Syria, and that it is still recognized by the world as a “colonized area” despite Trump’s signature.

Thus our Palestinian friend drew on the map of the Golan a heart of love, and felt  like he is drawing with his red pen a decree breaking the Trump’s decree. This is the signature of a Palestinian citizen, like millions of others who love their mother Syria. He sent this decree signed by him, as a post to Naram’s page in Syria, saying: “To my mother Syria … with love.

By: Naram Sargon 



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