Daily Archives: Thursday July 11th, 2019

It is true that we suffer…But

The day on which we will be pleasant, wipe mothers and fathers’ tears, and dry our children’s tears is coming. We do feel the sorrowand pain, howeverour men at the front lines who carry the burden of the people’s concerns realized that their duty is doubled and that they are the protecting lions, and that the Arab Syrian people are ...

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Farce in American

For the second day the whole Internet excites the news that the US called on Germany to send ground troops to Syria. They are hiding behind a good intention to fight ISIS and bring justice. But how ironic and arrogant it all looks after in December 2018, the us President Donald trump said that the US defeated the forces of ...

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The Curse of Al-Tanf

Opposition to the Syrian government pro-Turkish news resource “Halab Today” recently posted information that the military administration of the American military base announced the recruitment of recruits for training in training camps in Jordan. The recruitment report itself is not new, information about the intensification of this activity has been received from refugees from Rukban for more than a month, ...

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