Farce in American

For the second day the whole Internet excites the news that the US called on Germany to send ground troops to Syria. They are hiding behind a good intention to fight ISIS and bring justice.

But how ironic and arrogant it all looks after in December 2018, the us President Donald trump said that the US defeated the forces of ISIS in Syria.

And later he announced his decision to phase out American troops from Syria. What do we see in reality? Only that the contingent of American troops is slowly and steadily growing.

The us government special representative for Syria, James Jeffrey, said: “We want German ground forces to partially replace our soldiers.”

He noted that the involvement of Bundeswehr soldiers in combat operations in Syria is not the main goal, as in the fight against ISIS “it is better to use the forces of the local military.” On the basis of this, we can draw only one conclusion, the US plans to transfer the world experience of warfare to the Islamists and other.

j. Jeffrey, urged Germany to send to Syria logistics specialists and technicians. This shows us that terrorists will soon acquire these specialties as well.

According to Jeffrey, Germany’s military presence in Syria is necessary to maintain stability in the North-East of the country and ensure that the region will not return the forces of ISIS or similar groups. With all these bravura statements and another farce arranged by the United States all forget simple things. Syria against the U.S. presence.


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