It is true that we suffer…But

The day on which we will be pleasant, wipe mothers and fathers’ tears, and dry our children’s tears is coming.

We do feel the sorrowand pain, howeverour men at the front lines who carry the burden of the people’s concerns realized that their duty is doubled and that they are the protecting lions, and that the Arab Syrian people are waiting for a decisive moment.

A momentwhich our people are waiting for day and night; a moment that gets over our pains and sorrows, a moment that moves us to another world of joy and happiness.

Our people deserve to have such a day, our people do not beg for this day; rather they paid ahigh price for it. Even the angels of God in His Majesty are sure of attending this day. The angels never tell but they feel happy with people.

O’soldiers at their front lines, we are still waiting for this moment.

We open the political and military operationsmanagement file to read what is beyond silence and absolute silence, to consider the motives of this silence, study it, analyze it and wonder:

is it an obligation at this point, is it a rearrangement process of the more pressing issues, or there are things beyond the horizons that we do not know … Whenever thought is turned to the world of policy and itstricks, we find that Erdogan is tellinglies to Putin and Rouhani while explaininghis failing to adhere to Sochi conference, the consequencesof which became crystal clear and it could not be hidden by his request from Russia to strike several positions of the terrorists within Idlib.

His requestpulls the wool over the eyes because these movements which Erdogan ask Russia to strike are Salafist movements that still conceal hatred and disputeto Muslim Brotherhooddue to ideological reason, and he thinks that he accomplishes two goals at the same time.

Internal goalthat is to teach the Salfists a lesson in order to becommanded by Muslim Brotherhood in their war against Syria, and an external goal directed byErdogan in his series of lies to Putin and an attempt to look like an honest person who is loyal to Sochi conference resolutions! Erdogan’s request mightrepeatfrom Putin who knows his intentions and goals.

Oh great fighters, your people are looking to you only not at Sochi’s resolutions or otherswhich they are indifferenttowards. They look only to your hands squeeze the triggers.

You are our sole hope, and the attributes in the Holy Quran will be reflected in the character of the leader and you are the desired hope of the people… You are the deterrent and restraint against those ruthless murderers.

The people are expecting a lot from you to free every inch of our Syrian land.

By : Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi, from the patient Damascus and who has no patience has no faith.


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