The Curse of Al-Tanf

Opposition to the Syrian government pro-Turkish news resource “Halab Today” recently posted information that the military administration of the American military base announced the recruitment of recruits for training in training camps in Jordan.

The recruitment report itself is not new, information about the intensification of this activity has been received from refugees from Rukban for more than a month, and they talk about forced mobilization.

But why should the Americans, who, on the basis of 2015, have more than 600 instructors for training the militants of their project “New Syrian Army”, which has long been successfully transformed into the “Jays Magavir al-Saura” group, to train militants in Jordan?

Has the power of their own training camps ceased to be enough? Yes, and “Magavir” is not the only group, which sheltered in the 55-mile zone. There are at least three more of them, who fought more with government forces than with an Islamic state.

ISIS Americans won last year, and without any participation of the brave graduates of Al-Tanfa. Mine-explosive business, training sniper pairs and sabotage groups in this area were somehow not useful, but the number of combat groups is constantly growing. So why it was necessary to train recruits in Jordan too?

The base in Et-Tanf is somewhat removed from the current main theaters of military operations, and from a certain point, it was blocked by the troops of the government army, and, therefore, it was somewhat difficult to spread “democracy” with the help of sabotage groups.

To incite the militants under control to an open clash with the troops is to commit an act of outright aggression against Syria, and success is not guaranteed. But the penetration of saboteurs across a fairly transparent border with Jordan is another matter.

And try to remember the history of the military conflict in Syria a few years earlier.

It did not begin at all with the struggle of the International Coalition against ISIS, and the Americans began to prepare the first Syrian militants just in Jordan, and with completely different goals.

Practically all the field commanders of the Jabhat al-Nusra and the Southern Front were trained there, not to mention the “specialists”.

Again, a simple “infantry” can be trained in the desert, but for the preparation of commanders and “specialists” need more in-depth training. And trainings in Jordan may well turn out to be refresher courses.

Whatever it was, perhaps the main question – for what purpose? The fact that it is required by the Americans to protect the military base is highly doubtful.

They themselves are doing quite well with this, especially considering that no one attacks the base and is not going to do so.

So the conclusion suggests itself – the United States is once again returning to its position aimed at destabilizing the situation in Syria and inciting anti-government protests.


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