The Qualitative Distance between Truth and Claim

By Dr. Ahmed Haj Ali

Great incidents in human life, whether they are individuals, groups or countries, will always be ruled by logic and regulating rules.

The principle of this relationship is interconnection between results and their causing introductions, andthe incidents’reliance on the intellectual, the political and the military structures, as well asthematters related to the logic of incidents such astheir sequence,continuity and the linkingall the visible appearances to the realdeep factors.. Thus, , the approach that can lead us to the truth about events must be based on these principles because we know perfectly that these principles and this approach are being carefully followed in every action taken by those anti-Syrian people powers.

Add to this, those aggressor powers constantly try to cover their real    purposes and build any project they present onsome unclear confusing foundations which is absolutely necessary for them to mislead everybody from the truth and limits of their aggressive colonial behavior.Perhaps what has been taking place in our homeland and against it for almost a decade presents a good example about the use of those principles which we must befully comprehend  and extract their truths and components so that we become able to build our response andconfrontation to them on sound basis that can match their aggressive schemes.

We know that in the hostile powers scheme includes an approach based on three convergent patterns; the pattern that is based on allegation and fraud, the pattern that is based on confusion and distortion and the pattern that is based on political and attitudinal contradiction between the overt and the covert.Hence, we can seethat the aggressor forces are adopting the approach of manipulating facts firstly and then searching solutionssecondly; an approach which is perfectly in line with the nature ofaggression on one hand, andwith the long-term and deep impact goals on the other.We notice, and the whole world notices ,that the issue has become a matter of conflict between our clear, declared, and right positiontowards fighting terrorism and its supporting powers and between this “national”  position and that manipulating or playing of other parties.

The issue lies in its deepest and most dangerous causes and effects; that if we take the Turkish example into consideration, we will find that it is following twopatterns:The firstis the incident and allegation pattern which uses to the technique ofplaying on in events, time and attitudes.

The second pattern is formed by much indulgence in increasing the discrepancy  between speech and the absolute which constitutes a normal behavior in the Turkish policy and of the deep truths about the hostility to the Syrian homeland on one hand and the relationship with terrorism on the military, security and politicallevel on the another hand.

All this constitutes the inconsistent and deceptive approach of the Turkish attitude about this aggression on Syria.

Anyways, such anattitude could never be formed or empowered without securing anorganic relationship with an external forces, which demonstrated by the state of its relationship with both of America and the Zionist movement.

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