Stop Drinking Dead Water and Learn the Benefits of Pottery Water

Researchers think that water loses high percentage of its natural value or its bioenergy by passing through the tubes and pipes.

Therefore, the drinker does not get any benefitwhen he drinks directly from the water tap. Some people termed it as “Dead Water”, and by this term we mean that the water is available in the nature on the shape of molecules that unite with each other with special gelatinous and geometric links and forms.When water passesin the tubes, the pressure on it destroys these links and forms, sowater loses its bioenergy.

As for the potteries which are the closest nature materialsto human whereit keeps its bioenergy.

Thus, it is recommended to keep water used for drinking and cooking purposes inside of these potteries, so the human can make the maximum advantage of it.Some people use pottery waterto treat some of kidney and stones diseasesbecause it is pure and free from impurities.

This allows the body to detoxify itself and clean the urinary tract especially those who suffer from frequent urinary obstructions by sediment and stones.

It also helps treating asthmatic patients and respiratory sensitization through clearing airway from depositsand phlegmespecially during sandand dust blowing seasons.

Italso helps in lowering blood sugar level; that is why some diabetics resort to it.Furthermore, it provides the necessary oxygen for body energy and brain health because it maintains the natural form of water in nature.

A research examination was performedonwater in plastic, cooper, and glassyutensils along with potteries,it showed that the pottery is the only materialwhich could bring back the vital elementsto water and resist harmful bacteria in waterwhich makes it a perfect savingutensilfor drinking and cooking water.

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