Financial Times: The beginning of the end of Erdogan?!

The results of the municipal elections in Istanbul are the beginning of the end of Erdogan’s long-term control of politics in Turkey, the Financial Times reported. The newspaper wondered if Erdogan will “reconsider” after his loss?

Especially as he needs to focus on development and reforms after he gambled on that and lost heavily, besides; he was behind the decision to re-run municipal elections in Istanbul after the loss of the candidate of the ruling Justice and Development Party of Turkey, “Ben Ali Yildirim” against the candidate of the opposition, “Akram Emamoglu.”

The newspaper also pointed out that the re-election has seen a heavy turnout of opposition supporters, which is a great victory for democracy in Turkey.

Erdogan had to think carefully about how to deal with this defeat. The newspaper considered the loss of the ruling party of the municipality of Istanbul, a painful blow to him, especially that he began his political career in the municipality, of Istanbul 25 years ago, which helped him to become governor of Turkey.

The newspaper also said that “Istanbul” represents the economic locomotive of Turkey, where the ruling party for many years has controlled the budget of about (4) billion US dollars. The failure of Erdogan is the result of his crackdown.

He has imprisoned tens of thousands of teachers, police, army and government officials since the failed coup attempt in 2016.

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