Russia will take on the treatment of the Syrian sapper

Ensign Mahmoud al-Shum, a member of the sapper unit of the military muhabarat SAR, was seriously injured on July 9, 2019 during the disposal of ammunition left by the jihadists.

During the neutralization of ammunition found in the cache in the area of Yalda, the detonator of an artillery shell was detonated, as a result of which ensign Mahmoud al Shum and two assistants were injured of varying severity and were taken to the 601 military hospital of the Ministry of Defense of the SAR city of Damascus.

During a complex operation, doctors had to amputate the left leg above the knee, under the threat of amputation was the left hand.

Warrant officer Mahmoud al Noise repeatedly worked together with the Russian squad and they have enjoyed great respect.

After being injured, Russian servicemen asked to take him to Russia for treatment. In the near future he will be sent to Moscow for treatment.

Russian doctors are confident that they will be able to fully restore the wounded hand of ensign Mahmoud al Shum. Also in the course of treatment in Moscow, he will undergo rehabilitation.


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