Important comment on Mecca religious document

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

The seven pages document known as ” Makkah Document ” which was allegedly signed by a thousand and two hundred Muslim scholars or a thousand and three hundred O shame! This Document doesn’t reflect the real image of the one-on-one Islamic instructions about Jerusalem , Palestine or  the rights of the Arab and Muslim child in Yemen or Syria or Iraq or Libya.

This document is clearly made by normalization eyes with Israel, it doesn’t even cover this  truth, thus it must be a motive for all  real enlightened Muslim Arab scholars to say it out loud:  Mamluks and Ottomans colonized us for more than a thousand years in the name of Islam, and the new colonization is using many so-called Muslim scholars who are only a mean  that carries the colonization ends in the name of Islam”.

The so-called “Makkah Document” is a perfect example of that , as such document was injustice to Jerusalem and palatine; so why are we ashamed to describe those who signed it as “stupid”?.

this document was injustice to Jerusalem and Palestine, injustice to the Yemeni child and his brothers from the children of the resistance line .

And to be fair, whether they signed or not, whether they read it or heard of it through media, they should have denounced it, or else they should get out of the Islamic line and stop calling themselves “Muslim scholars” …in my turn, I applaud how the Algerian researcher Hussein described them as “employees” , because calling them Muslim scholars is unjust for science and Islam.

This document should be tied around the necks of those who signed it as a proof of their slavery, whoever writes seven pages about Islam without mentioning Palestine or Jerusalem even for once, must have sold himself in the ” slavery market of Mecca”.

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