Four SecretsTo Learning Foreign Languages

Many of us face great difficulty in learning a new language and this difficulty may turns into a depression in some cases if we did not succeed learning the language.

Hereare some tips you should follow or avoid doing to help you learn the language:

First of all, take things easy: when you start leaning a new language, enthusiasm will take control of you and youwill rush to learn vocabs, grammars and pronunciations. This is something positive, but it will not last for a long period of time; therefore, do not count only on your enthusiasm because when this enthusiasm fades you will feel bored and continues pressure which will make you lose the will to goon learning the language.Thus, the important advice to be followed is to tame your enthusiasm and change the leaning of the new language to a dailyregularactivity and for relatively short periodsin order not to feel nervous and bored.

Secondly – memoryimpairment is not a curse, it is a blessing:

Some people think that memoryimpairment is an excuse for not achieving their ambition inlearning a new language ;however, memoryimpairment is not a curse.

For example, people who suffer from memoryimpairmentare advised to link the phrases and the words they want to memorize   with   specific situationsand build mental bridges as well as using methods to train the brain to help you remember the new phrases and vocabs you are leaning. This method not only helps you leaning a new language faster, but also strengthens your memory at the same time.

Thirdly – in the beginning of learning a language, do not try to master the language:

As those people who speak it as the mother tongue because this goal for you would soon turns into a disincentiveaffecting negatively on your enthusiasm to learn the new language.

Indeed, withtime and persistence you will be able to master this language eventually, but do not make that your first goal in the beginning of your way.

Don’t be among those who say “I will not speak the new language until I master what I am saying completely” instead, you should speakand do not care about the mistakes you make in the beginning of the journey of learning a new language because in time, you will get rid of all these mistakes.

Fourthly- always keep an eye on the goal of leaning a new language

Whether the target of learning a new language is because of your passion to learn languages, for promotion, for a new job or trying to adapt in a country speaking this language, always imagine that every step you taketowards leaning a new languagewhatever its size will help you achieve this goal and reach it in a short time.

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