Daily Archives: Saturday July 20th, 2019

Al-Golan; the balance point of the region and the battle of the hour

By : (Nasser Kandil) It may be forgotten that the essence of the conflict since the liberation of Aleppo from armed groups supported by Turkey and the launching of the Syrian state train with Russian-Iranian support to restore the entire Syrian geography is the conflict over the future of the Golan between American and Russian visions. A US vision linking ...

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The Robotic Arm Controlled by your MIND

Scientists have created a mind-controlled robotic arm that is powered only by a person’s thoughts. In the past, the technology has only worked when connected to sensors inside the skull with direct connections to the brain. But the non-invasive way of connecting the mind to extra limbs could pave the way for pioneering technology to help paralyzed people and amputees ...

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