An important study on the inside of the Zionist entity – “Israel” is weaker than a spider net

Israel “is on fire and Syria’s curse is hitting it deep, the Ethiopian black protests are out of control.This is an important study from within the Zionist entity: Zionist writers refer to minorities or subcultures in the Arab world as “the alliance of the suburbs”. The focus is on the differences between these cultures and exaggerating them: (Christian – Muslim – Arab – Kurdish – Amazigh.. ) The fires of these disparities are being raged for political use. In contrast, researchers and Arab politicians – exceptforfew – are not trying to think about how to inflame the differences in the Zionist society.

It is enough to meditate about the confrontation between the “white” Jews  and “black” Jews that took place in recent days in the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities following the death of the black Ethiopian Jew, “Solomon Tikah,” who emigrated to the Zionist entity six years ago, was killed by a “white” Zionist policeman, an incident which caused the injury of dozens of policemen and black Jews, along with the closure of roads and the burning of cars and the arrest of dozens, noting that this is not the first time nor is the first point of tension in the Zionist body.It is enough to contemplate the following aspects, even if only briefly:

First: The division of Zionist society by color: There are 140 thousand “black” Ethiopians, most of whom arrived in Palestine in 1984 and 1991, and were faced since their migration many racist practices that led to the killing of (11) of them by “white” Jewish during the past two decades,Like what happened, the social reality of these blacks refers to:

  • Their clerics are not recognized as rabbis.

  • 90% of them are illiterate and 65% of their youth are unemployed.

  • The rate of deviation among their children is equal to (3) times the general percentage of white Jews.

  • 43% of the Zionists refuse to marry an Ethiopian according to modern Zionist opinion polls.

  • Their party (Atidim) has not been able to reach the discount rate for entering the Knesset.

  • Some Zionist schools refuse to admit black Jewish students, which caused a stir among Jewish clerics.

  • The Zionist law continues to prevent the acceptance of black Jews’ blood donations in blood banks (and this phenomenon began clear since 1996 and repeated in 2006).

It is these situations that explain what Haaretz quoted as a black Jewish demonstrator, AtiAchato, a relative of the black man Solomon Tikah, who said: “It’s hard to be black and feel safe in Israel.”

Second, the national backgrounds of the Jews: The major variations in Jewish-Zionist society can be divided in terms of social or national background: Almost 20% of the Russians arrived after 1990 (with the collapse of the Soviet Union) (While immigrants from the United States declined by 10% since 1990 to 2018). If we divide the Jews in the Zionist entity according to their backgrounds, we will find 68% of the Sabra (born in Palestine but their origins from outside), 22% came from Europe and America, 10% from Asia and Africa, mostly from Morocco.

Third: The division in the attitude of religion; Field studies and opinion polls adopted in the scientific circles indicate that the Jews in the Zionist entity are divided in their attitude towards religion as follows: (57% secular and majority – 30% religious – 8% atheists – 5% I do not know). This issue is a problem that arises from time to time in the Zionist society, especially the tension over the position of the Orthodox Jews (8% of the Jews) because of their exemption from military service.

Fourth:Class Variations; According to the figures of the Zionist Centers, the World Bank and the CIA, the income in the entity is distributed as follows:

The upper upper class (10% of the population) controls 27.7% of income.

The upper class (20% of the population) controls 44.2% of income.

The bottom tier (lowest 10%) has only 1.9% of income.

The lower class (20% of the population) has only 5.20% of income

Fifth: elite in the entity; it’s enough to provide a model for this in the prime  ministers of the Zionists since 1948, as they were (17 including those who took power more than once), among them 8 Western Jews and the rest of the Sabra, while none is of “Safarid” origins, which is not commensurate with the population ratios of these segments.

Sixth:Racism towards the Arabs of Palestine 1948; It is enough to note that 75% of the Jews refuse to live in any building with Arab residents, and 40% of the Jews demand that Arabs be stripped of all their political and social rights.

Conclusion: Are not all these aspects cracks in the walls of the Zionist society, they have incited each other on the pretext of flimsy : (religious, sectarian, national and ethnic..) Unfortunately, we have often responded to this and contributed to the expansion of cracks in our walls.But the truth is that “Israel” is indeed weaker than the spider’s web. and in it a phenomenon that now worries the government:  migration from the Zionist entity last year exceeded the migration to it, and there are political, social and cultural differences waiting for those who invest and fuel.

freeediting of (Walid Abdel Hay).

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