Halab Alyoum “Aleppo today” website published falsified information on the Syrian Arab Army targeting two children in the city of Al-Sanamayn in Daraa.

July 18, 2019 on the Internet resource Halab Today was posted fals einformation about what is checkpoint in Sochi (50 kmNorthof DAR) government soldiers, were shotdead two children 3 and 15 years.


In the weather forthe sensation of the editorial site didn’t bother to check thevera city of the published publication.

According to eye witnesses, near July 17, 2019, in the area of the checkpoint (checkpoint) in the city of Sochitookplace a skirmish between the militants groups “Hesham ElKisha and Zohra”.

There a sonwas a quarrelover the division of gas cylinders. The shooting continued for 30 minutes. Cameunder fire from localre sidents who came to a nearby post office.

The soldiers of the 9th Panzer division, who guarded the checkpoint, did not return fire. Two children aged 3 and 15 were wounded in the shoot out.

They were evacuated through the check point to the hospital.

Correspondents Halab Today should be attentive to the truth fulness of information placed by them, not to deceive his readers.

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