Every Author has a Wish…

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

Every author wishes to present every useful and novel in every piece of essay he writes and believes that the process of writing is a matter of faithfulness and responsibility that everything he writes must be based on some research.

Thus he always wishes to find some criticism, negative beit or more preferably positive,by those who read his essays, whether from those elite intelligentsia or the common readers…

Today, what shall we right about? Shall we write about thewestern north of Syria where fierce battles are taking place withthe gangs and the takfirist groups who are working on the theory ofachieving more gradual gainseventhough they doubtlessly know they areabsolutely defeated?

They are defeatedby the great powerdisplayed by the Syrian Arab Army who is defending a sacred causethrough the tough war it is fighting as well as the tender wars on massive territoriesof our homeland and abroad, which shall be won God willing.

From another side, Syrians are watching the silent war people are quietly going throughin the Syrian eastern north, everyday consolidating its presence in a place andresisting and beating elsewhere.

Despite the existence of the American bases and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) protected by them,people’s resistance has achieved a lot that it hasbecomea force to be reckoned which started before the armymobilization.

This force was indispensable in order to liberate each and every inch of the American occupied Syrian North by means SDF hands. People have realized all the conspiracies plotted against them and things have become plain as a day.

Thus, this realizationwas the knockout of those terrorist groups because they no longerhave had excuses and their lies have becomeknown to all.

Nevertheless they were not ashamed by that even thoughtheyhave become no longer are able to do whatever they wanted and they started looking for a place to resort to outside Syria, maybe in Libya , with the help killer ,Erdogan,which they perfectly know.

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