Falasha reveal – the Zionist entity is on a structural crisis .. ??

The Falasha are the Jews of Ethiopia and Sudan, whom the Mossad out of the blue organized the process of transferring them to the Zionist entity to use them in the dirtiest business and in wars after the springs of migration and settlement dried up.Falasha is branch of Judaism, and since they arrived at the Promised Land, they are suffering from negligence and racism. They demanded the most basic rights, and they moved but did not find in a racist settler entity any response or ears, and finally, under the pressure of crises and the escalation of tensions within the Zionist entity itself between its clans and tribes and groups of uncluttered and inconsistent, and for a transient reason, as well as the reason that triggered the so-called Arab spring from a remote area in Tunisia burning Bouazizi himself to protest a police attack on him, In the Zionist entity, killing one of the elements of the Falasha in the broad daylight and the bullets of a Zionist policeman, was what triggered the movement of the Falasha throughout the Zionist entitythe mobility revealed the reality of what is going on in the entity and the levels of discrimination and racism and mafia even among the Jewish blocks, sects and groups that were brought to Palestine,the issue of the Falasha continues to weigh heavily on the Zionist society and the ruling establishment which is in a deep and violent crisis, evidenced by the inability of the political class to produce a government after the early elections and the disruptions of alliances and relations between the entire Zionist society.And what is being said about the possibility of canceling the elections and the establishment of a government that unites the class, and in the same context, Netanyahu’s statements of escalation in the face of Gaza and the waving of a destructive war, areall closer to being attempts to escape the Israeli crises,as well as the recent harassment of Syria from the water and the Lebanese airspace, which led to an accident still suspected of the fall of a foreign body in Cyprus which all reports and experiencesconfirms that it is not an air defense missile, andwhat was written on “Russia Today” warning that the continuation of Israeli attacks on Syria threatens the air navigation in the Mediterranean is a reference to load “Israel” responsible for any incident it may cause.The crisis of the Falasha and the rise of thestructural crisis in the Zionist entity and the inability of the political class and its global allies to secure the stability of the government, rekindled writings and words spoken by Israeli historians and American and European elites, and studies prepared by the oldest research centers in the Zionist entity – many Israelis expect the end of their state? According to statistics, they are constantly increasing.In his book «The war on Gaza and the end of« Israel »» Noam Chomsky expects the end of “Israel” in 2030, while American lawyer, “Franklin Lamp” revealed that the CIA prepared a study on the future of the Israeli institution, that expected Israel to fall within twenty years. While according to a poll published in Ha’aretz on May 12, 2018, 35% of young people in Israel do not wish to live in Israel and want to emigrate. In the same context, an old statement by Menachem Begin said that “Israel” will not live long, citing that the old books confirm this. “Henry Kissinger,” also predicted years ago ,in a famous statement of him, the end of “Israel”, back then, the uproar of Zionism and the Christian Zionist stream in America was very loud ..

  • Editorial Board of the Arab and Islamic Assembly to support the resistance option.

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