Open veins of Arab countries

By:Dr. Essam Al-Takrouri

At the Fifth Summit of the Americas in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in April 2009, it was noticeable that US President Barack Obama broke through the masses of American presidents and their aides in the hall of the meeting hall and headed directly to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The picture was only published three hours after the event, perhaps media thought that President Obama – who was only three months in office – may wish to back down from that step as it seems surprising that the head of “the greatest of the world” take the initiative and shook hands with the head of «the state that most disapprove American politics» in the world too, Obama did not misses the point, he was fully aware of what he does.

The President of Venezuela is known for his talent to give titles to the presidents of the United States ; the title of the “devil”, which he gave to President George W. Bush is still echoed by millions in the American continent and the world in general, so – and through that movement – President Obama thought he would avoid the fate of his predecessor, and spare himself a “Chavizian” long-term nickname.

The summit saw sharp debates – especially raised by Chavez – about Washington’s role in blocking economic progress in Latin American countries as well as its aggressive stance from Cuba.During these discussions, Chavez did not call Obama the lowest title, but on the eve of the weekend session, Obama was surprised by a hand on his shoulder, turning to find Chávez offering him with the other a book in Spanish. President Obama took the book and he was delighted to thinking that his handshake with Chavez was paying off.

The image of Chavez andbeside him Obama carrying a gift was no more than a trap that only could be mastered by exceptional leaders and and exceptional intellectuals: It is the book «Open veins of Latin America, the history of five centuries of American and European plunder» by “Eduardo Galeano “.Chavez’s smile In the photo with Obama, says it all: “It’s over. Obama was given the title of (representative of the global looting forces) “.

In the 24 hours that followed, the book jumped to sixth place in the list of world’s most important book market after it was at the 54,000one, millions concluded the new title of Barack Obama, and became more aware of the greed of global imperialism and its criminality against the peoples of Latin America.

The story is not over here, after the revelation of the truth of Chavez’s message to Obama through the “trap “gift” ;The White House spokesman announced that it would be difficult for Obama to read the book because it is written in Spanish.

“The Children of Time” is the last book published in 2013 byGaleano.  underthe title “The Mirage of Saudi Arabia,” Galliano wrote: “In 1938 a story was heard about the discovery of Standard company of a sea of oil under the Saudi Arabian sand.

This kingdom occupies the first place in the production of the most dangerous terrorists, human rights violations, and when the Western powers want to threaten the Arabs by planting terror and dropping bombs, the harmony between them and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is governed by five thousand Prince is embodied in the highest degree, what is the reason behind this harmony?.

is it true that Saudi Arabia sells the largest amount of oil and buys the largest amount of weapons?”.

Until the book «Open veins of the Arab countries, the history of centuries of Western plunder» is written, we have the right to ask whether there is a possibility that someone would peck on the shoulder of one of our brothers in the land of the Hijaz and give him the book of «Galeano » – «children of time»!.

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