Daily Archives: Thursday August 1st, 2019

What about the American Bases in the East of Euphrates ?

I have read a lot of Arabic and foreign articles that talk about American presence in the Northeast of Euphrates and they all agree that American presence is associated with Russian and Iranian presence and they all support the Kurds. This is a summary of these articles, but the reality is different and it shows that there are great American ...

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The Americans Implicated the Kurds in a Dangerous Trap… Wheat Fire Cancels Return Ways

If we closely follow the Kurdish separatists’ actions in the Syrian east, we realize that the Americans succeeded largely in luring the Kurds into the trap. They also succeeded in luring the Arabs into the trap previously. The American resembles a cow’s behavior expert where heagitates the bulls and sits to watchbullfighting. One day, the Americanincited the Kurds against “Saddam ...

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