The Americans Implicated the Kurds in a Dangerous Trap… Wheat Fire Cancels Return Ways

If we closely follow the Kurdish separatists’ actions in the Syrian east, we realize that the Americans succeeded largely in luring the Kurds into the trap. They also succeeded in luring the Arabs into the trap previously.

The American resembles a cow’s behavior expert where heagitates the bulls and sits to watchbullfighting. One day, the Americanincited the Kurds against “Saddam Hussein” and used them to an extent that provoked the Iraqis.

Although the cultural, civil and political rights that Saddam gave to the Kurds were unprecedented, the Kurds rebelled, took up arms, and clashed with the Iraqi army that punished them severely.

The American also lured the Islamists into the trap of brutality and savagery. He convinced them that their brutality would make them feared and facilitate their victory.

Thus, it was necessary to document all their barbarism while slaughtering, burning and raping. Western media, despite promoting for the so-called revolutionaries, was innovative in portraying their special model represented in Isis (a state following the way of caliphate).

This media used to terrorize everyone denied its projects, and distort the image of Islam and Muslim peoples through portraying it as a violent religion. Today the Americans repeat the same trap.

Despite the Syrian offers of ending both Kurdish and eastern Euphrates files amicably, the Americans directed the Kurds to rebel and be intransigence.

When there were signs for Kurds’ withdrawing, the American side pushed the Kurds to behave like the settlers and invaders who do not belong to the land in order to revenge on the Syrian farmers and starve the people.

The purpose of these retaliatory actions is to lead the Kurds to the point of no turning back because their actions will make the disgruntled Arab popular and tribal forces take revenge on them.

Thus, the Kurdish person will become a prisoner to the American side because he knows that he committed atrocities and crimes and that he is wanted dead or alive. In addition, if he abandoned being subordinate to the American side, there would be someone chasing him to take revenge.

Therefore, the Kurdish person will transform into a part of “Black Water” and into mercenary militias after they were revolutionaries claiming rights, home and revolution. A simple trick which stupid people fall for while taking photos for committing the crime.

However, the side who promotes and distributes this crime is the American in order to abolish return ways. American newspapers, despite what is rumored about the role of sleeper cells of Isis, they amply explain how the Syrian government gave the farmers competitive prices to buy the wheat, yet the Kurdish separatists burned the fields to starve the Syrian people under the pretext that these fields are hideouts for the enemies who might sneak.

This means that the Americans are pointing to the true criminal in order to prove the charges against him and pass the judgment.

These stupid people are not burning the crops of the Syrians rather are burning themselves because the Americans are canceling their return ways.

If the Americans withdraw, the Kurdish separatists will be in the crossfire of Turkey and Syria, and they have to choose because there will be no safe area in the middle of fire.

In addition, a whole generation of Kurds will pay a high price for these criminal actions.

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