What about the American Bases in the East of Euphrates ?

I have read a lot of Arabic and foreign articles that talk about American presence in the Northeast of Euphrates and they all agree that American presence is associated with Russian and Iranian presence and they all support the Kurds.

This is a summary of these articles, but the reality is different and it shows that there are great American ambitions in the region.

And despite the clear American- Turkish conflict, America cannot betray Turkey because the dog cannot bite its tailand when Turkey once hinted that it can eliminate the American presence in Incirlic air base, America laughed and said it has dozens of bases in Syria.

Actually, the Kurds are American hands on the ground and the Arab idiots and traitors who deal with the Kurds are all the tools that Syrian Democratic Forces using so, it is a process of mutual interests! Let us come back to the number of American bases and the places of their existence to have a clearer image about the American objectives.

There is a massive base in Al-Omar oil field in Eastern Euphrateswhere heavy weapons were transferredapproximately two months ago from Al-Hasakah and from Ras Al-Ain ,region of Al-Hasakah where exists an American base, and there is a base inTire, an area in Deir Ezzor on Al-Hasakah road.

And in Al Shaddadi, a region of Al-Hasakah beside Al-Hasakah water company thereis a base  followed by a faction called the elite that recruits only the sons of Deir-Ezzor on a monthly salary of seventy thousand S. Pand there is a (Kurdish- Israeli) intelligence headquarter in the civil prison of Geweran neighborhood that has thirteen Mossad members and there is theemigration and passport center in front of the municipal stadium which is a base for American helicopters. Very recently, a month ago, a camp was equipped by Syrian Democratic Forcesseveral kilometers east of the Euphrates Dam and news spread that they put in this camp the rest from ISIS,outlaw criminals, gun smugglers and arms dealers coming from As-Sukhnah and  Uqayribat.

There is an American base in Tanak oil field in eastern Euphrates, aboveAbu Hammam town, Al-Shuaitatclan.

The last one of these bases in (Al-Baghuz Fawqani town), on Iraqi-Syrian borders which is still under construction and did not finish yet.

This is a glimpse of the American bases in Northeast of Euphrates and it goes on and on, so,does this indicate a confrontation with the Russian presence? Or it is an American presence seeks to be long-term and gives the permission to Iraq and Syria to declare a Kurdish state in order to protect it from Turkey, Syria and Iraq ?

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

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