Daily Archives: Sunday August 4th, 2019

“YPG- Israel” The theft of Syrian oil covered by America ?!

Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper published leaked documents revealing that the oil in the areas controlled by “YPG”  militia ,east of Syria, have become in the hands of the”Israeli” occupation.The documents included a letter from the joint president (Ilham Ahmed) in the executive board of the so-called “Syrian Democratic Council” of the militia “YPG”, which authorizes the Israeli businessman “Moti Kahana” to ...

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Old Problem Finally Solved

Great scientists like “Issak Newton” could find out temporary solutions for the phenomenonor the mystery of “Spherical aberration”(whichhas lastedfor centuries), but a Mexican student could solve it (while preparinghis breakfast). Rafael Gonzalez, a student of the Institute of Technology in Monterrey, said to his university paper” I remember onemorning I was making myself a sandwich of bread with Nutella and ...

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