“YPG- Israel” The theft of Syrian oil covered by America ?!

Al-Akhbar Lebanese newspaper published leaked documents revealing that the oil in the areas controlled by “YPG”  militia ,east of Syria, have become in the hands of the”Israeli” occupation.The documents included a letter from the joint president (Ilham Ahmed) in the executive board of the so-called “Syrian Democratic Council” of the militia “YPG”, which authorizes the Israeli businessman “Moti Kahana” to represent the Council in matters related to the sale of Syrian oil in areas under its control .

The newspaper pointed out that the coordination between “YPG and Israel” comes with the support of the United States and its elements in the region.

It also pointed out that “YPG” adheres to the “American umbrella” and therefore it saw that there is no way to maintain this umbrella but by developing relations with “Israel”.

It explained that the seof the sendeeofthedocument is the businessman Moti Kahana, head of the Amalia Association, which is known to have used the human cover to prepare the ground for a “safe area” in southern Syria in implementation of an “Israeli” agenda.

The newspaper said: “The book addressed to” Kahana “is an official letter confirming the acceptance that his company represents the Council in all matters related to the sale of oil owned by it, with the approval of the Bureau of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury.

The book gave Kahana the right to explore and develop oil, setting the price of a barrel from 22 to 35 dollars. According to the newspaper, “giving the authorization to Kahana means that YPG has already started acting as an independent entity from the Syrian state and it what is dangerous isthatitis controlling 80 percent of the Syrian oil fields.

In this context, said the Zionist “Moti Kahana” in a statement to the site, “124 Israeli”, he will be marketing Syrian oil extracted from areascontrolled by the militia, “YPG”, eastern Syria ;stressing that “he deals and cooperates with Kurdish forces”.

The Israeli businessman pointed out that he now has “the approval and approval of the Kurds to export (125) thousand barrels of oil per day,” explaining that he aspires to increase this quantity up to (450) thousand barrels of oil, and is waiting for approval to export this oil, after obtaining Kurdish approval.


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