Daily Archives: Monday August 5th, 2019

Did” Putin” Turn “Erdogan” against the West ?

The “Times” wonders, was Putin able to turn Erdogan away from the West?; report writers “Hannah Lucinda Smith and Burhan Yuksekkas” say, on November 2015 Turkish fighter pilots shot down a Russian jet close to  the Syrian boarders, and  the dispute between Moscow and Ankara was very sharp. But in less than a year, Putin had used the crisis skillfully ...

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Learn Shakespearean English in Five Minutes with Al Jazeera Channel

By : Naram Sargon You may have wasted your life examining Oxford and other English language dictionaries to look up the meanings of certain vocabularies and understand the language. Perhaps you will discover that the plays of William Shakespeare are not rich with deep language but rather superficial and do not dive into the deep meaning of the word Anglo-Saxon. ...

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