Wooden crutch and lame eyes ?!

Nabih al-Burji wrote that, because of his close professional friendship with European correspondents who know all the details of the Syrian crisis, he wonders how this scenario was formulated in the intelligence, diplomatic, financial and strategic context to undermine the state in Syria.

Amazing information about the limits of collusion between Arab and Turkish parties and Israelis, as well as Americans and Europeans, to dismantle Syrian society piece by piece, and the establishment of hybrid states to be a safety net around the structure.

The writer says that journalists complain about the psychological, material and professional pressure they are subjected to, if they have even come close to half the truth …

In the opinion of the writer, our problem is that media professionals and intellectuals, in Arab countries managed by the United States remotely, interact in a blatant and scandalous way with what is written and what is said, even within Israeli forums.

They are not concerned at all with any issue other than the issue of the thrones that they are under.

For the sake of the issue of Syria, there is a great gratitude to the Arab friends who called for the formation of a lobby of Arab media and intellectuals to stand with Syria.

the writer concludesbysaying” yes! An Arab lobby for Syria .. We are aware of the role of the octopus of the Jewish institution, as we realize the extent of the gap between the possibilities of media empires and our potential,but we are determined to resist the “New-barbarian” with its sumptuous show-off, with the pride of our nation, the pride of our language, and the pride of our attitude. This is what Syria needs; Syria our cause…

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