Spring of Falsha .. ohAvichay;All of usareFalasha.. What the people want Netanyahu ?

By : Naram Sargon

fate always puts us in front of the same scenes to challenge us and say: Mr. Nasrallah was so right when he discovered the spider web ..

The spider’s web, which its fourcorners are being carried today by the oil tribes as the Arab tribes carried the black stone on the cloak of the Prophet on the day when they almost launched a foolish spring and civil war between Tribes for the Black Stone ..

The tribes of today left the worship of the Black Stone and carried the spider’s web on the cloak of Islam ..

And you see them kneeling and floating around it .. When we watch the revolution of the Falasha in the streets of the Zionist entity, we can’t but wonder: How a huge revolution started from the vegetable cart of Bouazizi and burned half of the Arab world ..

while the fire in the body of Falachacannot find someone to take a picture of it ..And there is no one who says that the Falasha wants to bring down the regime … nor Al-Jazeera neither al-Arabia ;no programs or alert.

The fires of the Jewish Falasha and their pain die in silence …

but it tells us that Israeli society is full of contradictions, tribes, clans, racism, racial discrimination and class. And a total of shattered glass fragments.

Imagine if some of the Arab media wrote in Hebrew and launched pages on Twitter and Facebook in Hebrew and instigated the Falasha and others to make a revolution of dignity and a Hebrew spring.

Imagine if Erdogan donated tents and declared solidarity with the sit-in as he did with al-Rabia sit-in when he didal-Rabia sign ..

or when he declared solidarity with the protesters in Al-Assi Square in Syria and promised them that he will pray at the Umayyads with them.And imagine if the sheikhs of money sent money, ammunition, weapons and TAO missiles ..

what if dollars were transported in large bags of burlap as they were doing in Raqqa, Deir al-Zor, Qusayr, Aleppo and Homs or in Gouta, where the Army of Islam did not transport vegetables on animals, but transported huge quantities of money coming from Saudi…

Among(800) stations that ignite the flames between the Shiites and the Sunnis or establish a conflict between secularists and Islamists or between Christians and Muslims ..

None interrupted itsbroadcasttoshow us demonstrations, clashes or news about the wounded and detainees and the injustice suffered by the people of ( Al-Falasha) ..

No Western station went to explain the human rights violated in Israel against black Jews .. and none called the Security Council to convene or to express concern beside no leader gave Netanyahu’s advice that he must step down !! …

What I want to say is that what we lived fromabloody spring was a carefully woven conspiracy painted in Western capitals.

But it was the Arabs who used it, using the language of the Arabs, the religion of the Arabs, the tongue of the Arabs and the money of the Arabs.

We must realize that to launch disintegration in the body of Israel, weonlyneed simple effort to create slogans, feelings, images and social networking sites in Hebrew to increase natural disintegration and natural strife in the structure of the people of Netanyahu, whose nature was summarized in the famous speech of BintJbeil (Israel is weaker than the spider’s web) ….

Israel isahuge illusion .. And dropping itis easier than many imagine ..

It requires only one match .. All the materials are flammable ..

It is a barrel of gunpowder thatcontains extremists, backwards and fanatics ..

The question we like to ask “AvichayAdraee”, who shares with us all our joys and sorrows because we share his sorrow similarly is: Does not the chosen people of God deserve a share of the Hebrew spring, Avichay ?

Don’t we deserve to return to you the goods and the slogan of (Aleppo burning), which you raised one day ..

And also the slogan (all of usare Aleppo) ..

Yes, we want to tell him .. Falashais burning .. All of us areFalasha..

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