Daily Archives: Monday August 12th, 2019

All days are alike!

By:Thierry Meyssan At the end of the Second World War, the United Kingdom was hesitant about abandoning its empire. It created independent central banks and private companies, whose aim was to continue plundering its former colonies, once these colonies gained independence. Which did not stand up to the prime minister of the Shah, “Muhammad Mossadeq,” after he found out that ...

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Syria to cause a stop in production of US F-22 aircraft

A serious problem has been discovered in the F-22, which the Americans claim is the best fighter in the world. The aircraft is easily losings the coating that absorbs the radar detector signals when it touches the fuel and lubricating oil, and appears on the radar screen. Not only that, but paint is being stripped and deformed after the use ...

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Beware… Google Spies on “Private” Voice Messages

After information revealed by the Belgian media (VRT), Google admittedthat its employees have access to their voice assistance service records, and this service may sometimes record without being activated by the user.Usually Google voice assistant service is activated when the user chooses to do so by holding a button or by speaking to it. The group admitted that this application ...

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