Beware… Google Spies on “Private” Voice Messages

After information revealed by the Belgian media (VRT), Google admittedthat its employees have access to their voice assistance service records, and this service may sometimes record without being activated by the user.Usually Google voice assistant service is activated when the user chooses to do so by holding a button or by speaking to it. The group admitted that this application may record by mistake, when it captures   background expressions it may use as keywords.

Thegigantic group justified this procedureby saying that language experts listen to TheAssistant Service users to improve their understanding of different accents. It also added that it is “a necessary measure to the development of services like (Google assistant)”.

VRT had said that it listened to more than one thousand records taken from devices from Belgium and Netherlands, (about 153) records of them were recorded by mistake.

Those records include conversations between users about their emotional life or their children, and some of them provide personal information like their addresses. Google is investigating how these records are leaked by an employee “whodid not adhere to the applicable policy of information security”.

It pointed out that its employees can only view (0.2) percent of the records.

Source: Sky News



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