All days are alike!

By:Thierry Meyssan

At the end of the Second World War, the United Kingdom was hesitant about abandoning its empire. It created independent central banks and private companies, whose aim was to continue plundering its former colonies, once these colonies gained independence.

Which did not stand up to the prime minister of the Shah, “Muhammad Mossadeq,” after he found out that London is effectively confiscating its oil and looting the equivalent of fifty percent of the Iranian oil revenues through the Iranian oil company (AIOC).

For all these reasons, he nationalized the company, which is owned by the British Ministry of the Navy, which raised the fear of London, fearing to become what Iran was then an example in the third world as a whole.

To defend his empire, British Crown Prince Winston Churchill persuaded his US partner, Dwight Eisenhower, to overthrow Mossadeq through a joint operation called AJAX by the British intelligence agency MI6 and the CIA. Ajax was overseen by Kermit Roosevelt and Herbert N. Schwarzkopf.

The first is the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt who colonized Latin America and the other is the father of General Norman Schwarzkopf, who led the Gulf War against Saddam Hussein. AJAX’s joint operation was a resounding success for the Anglo-American, offering them a model of false revolutions aimed at changing rebel regimes, thus, when the United States overthrew the Shah, “Reza Pahlavi,” who was preparing to take a decision to raise the world oil prices through the OPEC, US thought that it is able to demonstrate skills again in the organization of a successor of him in cooperation with France, by arranging the return of Imam “Ruhollah Khomeini “To the country.

But cowboys were not at the level of prudence and ingenuity of their English masters at that time. and the fall was resounding and Iran once again became the hero of the struggle against imperialism, as it was before the Islamic regime. The current conflict is the same old conflict. Just as Iran’s oil production collapsed under Mossadeq under a barrage of Western threats, and the Royal Navy seized an Iranian oil tanker (Rose Marie in July 1952, detained Grace 1 in Gibraltar in the same month of 2019). As usual, the British claimed that they had the right to do so, and in fact they had no right but to be arrogant.

They accused Iran in the era of Mohamed Mossadeq of exporting its stolen oil (because they did not recognize the process of nationalization) and today they accuse it of violating European sanctions (but these sanctions violate international law specifically).

Now, if the conflict is in the British interest, the liberation of colonized peoples will be delayed for decades, but if it ended with the preponderance of Iran;  it will be an open road to a changing world. If London and Washington had been allies in 1952, they would have been in a growing competition. In 1957,and the United States would have seized part of the British Empire during the Suez crisis. At the time, Washington was involved in Britain’s negotiations with former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. it saw the rapprochement between the French, the British and the Israelis, but only moved when the trio launched its aggressive campaign and committed irrefutable folly. Just like yesterday, the United States can seize the chance of any mistake that London might commit to “saving peace” by expelling it from the Gulf.

British advisers are still in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Oman and Qatar.




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