put down the cup and get some rest

a lecturer was on etalkingtohis students about controlling the pressures and burdens of life. he lifted up a cup of water and asked : what do you think is the weight of this cup of water ?

The responses ranged from (50 g to 500 g). The lecturer replied: the absolute weight of this cupdoes not matter at all!

The weight here depends on how long will I hold on to this cup. If I lift it for a minute, nothing will happen, if I carry it for an hour, I will feel pain in my hand, but if I carry it for a day you will call an ambulance. The cup has exactly the same weight, but the longer Ihold it; the greater its weightwillbe.

If we carry our problems and the burden of our lives at all times, it won’ttaketoolongtill we will not be able to continue, as  the burdens will beway tooheavy to becarried.

What we have to do is put the cup down and relax a bit before lifting it again.

We must put our burdens from time to time so that we can resume activity and carry on again.

When you come back from work you have to put the burdens and problems of work and do not take them home with you, because they will be waiting for you tomorrow and you can carry them..

 This is an administrative and organizational experiment …. and the lesson  of it is vital in our practical and private lives ….We must not be overloaded.

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