Right before Our Eyes Book- Part (1)

By : (Thierry Meyssan)

‘’Right before Our Eyes’’ is a book in successive episodes. It is an ambitious narration of the history of the last eighteen years taken from the experience of the author ‘’Thierry Meyssan’’ in the service of several peoples. This book has no equivalent, and cannot have one, since no other person has participated in these successive events in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Author’s introduction: Knowledge is never definitive. History, like any other science, questions what we had believed to be true but which, in the light of new factors, must be modified, and even refuted. I seek to distinguish facts from appearances, and truth from propaganda. Above all, as long as some people continue to exploit others, I do not believe that international relations can be completely democratic.

Thus, I have sided with the innocent people who watch strangers enter their cities and impose their alien laws there, innocent people who hear international television echoing the mantra that their leaders are tyrants and must relinquish their place to Westerners.

Innocent people who rebel against the will of the West are quickly smashed under the bombs of NATO. In writing this book, I have tried to go further than current documents and direct witness statements. Some will object that I am actually trying to justify my actions and that consciously or unconsciously, I am revealing my bias.

I hope that they will participate in the search for truth and publish any documents of which I am unaware.

In order to enable the reader to follow my intellectual progression, I have not written a general history of the Arab Spring, but three partial histories from three different points of view: – that of successive French governments, that of the Muslim Brotherhood, and that of the United States authorities.

 Seeking power, the Muslim Brotherhood placed themselves in the service of the United Kingdom and the United States, all the while looking for a way to rally France to their fight to dominate the People.

Pursuing their own objectives, the French leaders made no effort to understand the logic of the Muslim Brotherhood, nor that of their US operators, but only to regain the advantages of colonization and amass wealth.

Only Washington and London were in possession of all the information concerning what they were preparing and what in fact actually happened.

In the end, it is something like ‘’a Russian doll’’- it is only one layer at a time that we may uncover the organization of events that appear spontaneous, as the origins and outcomes of certain decisions.

My own story is so different from what readers will have heard on the subject that some may become afraid of the implications of what I am writing. Others, on the contrary, will examine and understand this gigantic manipulation and begin thinking about how to put an end to it.

There is no doubt that the partisans of imperialism will miss no opportunity to accuse me of spinning “conspiracy theories”, to use their pet expression. It’s a cheap insult which they roll for 15 years.

They have used it extensively ever since I contested the official version of the attacks of 11 September 2001. They persist in their denials, yet betray themselves when they publicly support Al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, while accusing it of the massacres in the United States, in France, in Belgium…etc.

Any general consensus was never allowed to build the truth. Only the evidence-based mind can get closer to it.  Eventually, once the minor errors are corrected, it is to this preponderance of the facts that all sincere readers will have to respond by proposing their own logical and coherent explanation.

(To be continued …)


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