“Jules Jammal” The Syrian Hero

Jules Yusuf Al Jammal was born in 1932 in Mashtaya, Syria, and grew up in Lattakia in his father’s care, who used to work there. He received the high school diploma in 1953 at the Syrian University in Damascus, but he left it in the same year, to join the Egyptian Naval Academy in Alexandria in May 1956, andhe received from President Gamal Abdel Nasser a bachelor’s degree in marine studies with a gold watch in recognition of his excellence.

He specialized in commanding small ships with the rank of lieutenant, and he was the top of his fellow Syrian officers.

When he learned that the French barge and battleship (Jean Bart) was advancing towards the Egyptian coast, he volunteered to launch a naval operation for the Egyptian torpedo boats in the Mediterranean Sea north of Al-Borlus on November 4th 1956 during the Tripartite Aggression against Egypt, valiantly defending a part of his Arab homeland with all courage.

Jules Al Jammal planned to confront the French battleship and he carried a heroic and courageous suicide bomb martyrdom attack and he died as a martyr in the process of this action that led to the destruction and sinking of the French battleship(Jean Bart).. With outstanding courage and heroism, Jules Al Jammal led and guided one of the warships in the face of a giant battleship, confronting it, thereby sinking the ship before he martyrized, the Syrian hero Jules Al Jammal raised the flag and reputation of the Arab Navy high.

He was the first martyr in Egyptian-Syrian naval operations, who kept his oath and was a martyr displaying the best examples of heroism, courage and redemption. He received the highest military medal by the government. President Jamal Abdul Nasser gave him the Military Star.

 He also received the high honors by the Patriarch of Antioch and the rest of the East for the Greek Orthodox and the medal of St. Peter and St. Paul of the high honors. He was honored by the Charitable Society in Al-Mashtaya with a hanging fresco in High school hall named after him.



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