Way to go resistance! way to go

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi.

 What the Revolutionary Guards did to capture the British tanker on Friday, July 20, is exactly like what Bashar al-Assad did when he advised Syria’s enemies not to fight their war against Syria because they would lose and would not rejoice in their plans. It is an affirmation of the strength of Syria and its army who has won.

It is similar to what Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah once said :the era of defeats is over, and the era of victories has come; it also resembles the pressure of the Yemeni army and the supporters of Allah to bring the UAE out of the Yemen war ;and they succeeded. The entire world saw the line of resistance roaring as a wounded lion, stirring up its sons to take down its enemies.

Trump’s reaction was a recognition of the power that wants to preserve the sovereignty of this entire line. thus; he asked the Republican senator Rand Paul, who was originally against US sanctions against Iran, to negotiate, even if this approval draws no more than a political side.

If we went to Britain, who saw the red eye of the line of resistance, and I estimate that when this article is published, Britain will already have released the Iranian oil tanker it seized in the Straits of Gibraltar.

I also think that this will not stop at the mutual release of the two carriers. Iran; at any situation will sell its oil and will not allow its enemies to sell their oil without its oil.

may the soul of the great Syrian poet (Suleiman Eissa) rest in peace as he once said: You rebels in the earth On the oppressors in the horizons Wherever you are, we are comrades freedom has united us way to go Iran, way to go Syria, way to go Hezbollah, way to go victorious Yemen.

Yes, the time of defeats is over and the time of victories has come.



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