Daily Archives: Saturday August 17th, 2019

The Washington Post: Hundreds of ISIS militants flee Syria to Iraq

The Washington Post reported that the militants of ISIS organization  who fled the defeat in Syria are crossing again the border to Iraq, thereby enhancing the low-level terrorism operations. The newspaper reported that about a thousand fighters have crossed the border into Iraq over the past eight months, following a collapse of the terrorist organization in March. The Syrian Arab ...

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A Study Warns of the Possibility of “Exposing” the User’s Privacy of “Encrypted Data!”

Researchers have found that internet services that claim concealing personal information of users to be “anonymous or encrypted” are not as safe as many believe. The researchers have found that more than 99% of people (participants) can be identified, through a handful of data points presumed to be encrypted. The study suggests that skeptics can be silenced quickly, by using ...

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How to Protect the Brain from Age-Related Changes?

American Academy of Neurology experts revealed simple and handy methods that may help slow brain aging and may help avoiding the various cognitive diseases. Two thousand persons, with average age of 78 years,have participated in this study which was conducted by the academy experts. When the study began, the experts discovered that one of the participants does not suffer from ...

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