The Washington Post: Hundreds of ISIS militants flee Syria to Iraq

The Washington Post reported that the militants of ISIS organization  who fled the defeat in Syria are crossing again the border to Iraq, thereby enhancing the low-level terrorism operations. The newspaper reported that about a thousand fighters have crossed the border into Iraq over the past eight months, following a collapse of the terrorist organization in March.

The Syrian Arab Army was able to defeat the terrorist organization in most of the areas controlled by the organization in the south and center of the country and expelled them; while US and the Syrian Democratic Forces claimed that they had defeated the organization in the north and northeast of the country amid assurances that agreements between the organization on the one hand and the «International Alliance» and «SDF» on the other to get out safely from the areas that were controlled in the north and north-east of Syria.

The newspaper said, according «Youm7» Egyptian website that ISIS militants , most of them Iraqis who followed the organization to Syria, are returning to their homeland to join the cells that deepen in the rugged rural areas and move under the cover of darkness to carry out sniper attacks and primitive bombings several times a week ,while their attacks outside major cities are often opportunistic and mainly target community leaders or security forces involved in efforts to root out terrorists.

Iraqi security forces continue their search and clearance operations and hunt remnants around the country to ensure that the organization and its fleeing fugitives are not re-emerging, while the popular mobilization forces are stationed on the border with Syria to counter repeated terrorist infiltration attempts.



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