How to Protect the Brain from Age-Related Changes?

American Academy of Neurology experts revealed simple and handy methods that may help slow brain aging and may help avoiding the various cognitive diseases. Two thousand persons, with average age of 78 years,have participated in this study which was conducted by the academy experts.

When the study began, the experts discovered that one of the participants does not suffer from any cognitive problems. The researchers continued following up the participants in the study for five years, and every 15 months, they were subjected to cognitive abilities test. During the study, (532) participants showed brain problems. After comparing all tests results, scientists concluded that stimulating brain activity prolongs its function to a great extent. In particular, they noticed that using computer in puberty reduces the risk of cognitive impairment by 48%, and by 30% in old age.

On average,the offences were decreased by 37% for people who use computers in puberty or beyond. Playing different games, participating in social events and watching movies in cinemas can reduce the possibility of brain changes by 20%.

Practicing applied arts crafts can reduce the possibility of these changes by 42%; this indicator includes only the elderly. The researches also concluded that people must diversify their daily activities to stimulate the brain. It was found that people who were practicing two kinds of the suggested activities, had a reduced possibility of having brain changes by 28% and when the number of activities increases to (3, 4 and5), the percentage becomes (43, 45, 56%) respectively.

Recourse: Novosti



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