Erdogan Burns the Syrian Refugees Bargaining Chip in Turkey after Failing in Bargaining on Them

Al-Rai online newspaper believes that violence and crime accusations pressed against Syrian refugees are most if not all false and of a racist nature.The Syrian refugees have not been a burden on the Turkish authorities and have played a large role, whether by their investments or high efficiency in supporting the Turkish economy and its prosperity and improving the service sector due to their very high skills.

It is regrettable that their bargaining chip became an importantfactor in the partisan conflicts between the government and the opposition, which put great pressure on Erdogan. He even said at an evaluation meeting of the results of the Istanbul municipal elections on July 11th that his government will take new steps towards the Syrian refugees in Turkey:

  • First: encouraging them to return to their country.

  • Second: deporting criminals by force.

  • Third: stopping free medical services provided for protection card holders.

We can say that Turkey’s official and popular honeymoon for the Syrian refugees in Turkey, which was proud to be the warmest incubator for them, is coming to an end, if it has not already ended, with the failure of all the bets of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in its agendas set against the Syrian government.

It seems that Syrian refugees have been the victims of these bets and have been used as nothing more than a political bargaining chip. Now, it is time to leave either by going back to their homeland which is the most logical option, or leaving to Europe asking for refugee status, but the doors are no longer wide open in this regard. Unfortunately, everyone turned their back on them, including “their Arab allies”…

The newspaper concludes that the so-called “Syrian opposition” resident in Istanbul faces fierce criticism by most refugees who accuse it of abandoning them. The so-called “coalition” did not play an effective role in alleviating the suffering of these people because of its relations with the Justice and Development Party (AKP), according to some of these refugees. Most importantly, some of them accuse the leaders of this coalition of richness and obtaining Turkish nationalities and leaving them,“the refugees”, to face their fate alone.



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