Significant Improvement of Three Syrian Universities in the New Web Matrix World Ranking

The new ranking of Syrian universities according to the world website ((Web Matrix)) in July 2019 showed an obvious and significantimprovement in the rating of three Syrian universities, Tartus, Hama and Al-Baath, in terms of  points scored compared to that of an earlierranking  issued in 2019.The number of points of those universities, however, variedin accordancewith indicators and steps taken to improve this ranking.

In the new ranking, Damascus University was ranked first with (3785) points, followed by Aleppo University with (4806) points, then Tishreen with (4824) points.Al-Baath University was ranked fourth with (5814) points, then Al-Furat with (14897) points, then Hama with (15969) points, and finally the University of Tartus with (20865) points. The University of Tartusshowed an improvement of about 6,000 points and the University of Hama of 800 points.In addition to Al-Baath University with 210 points improvement since the previous ranking.

It is should be noted that in ((Web Matrix)), universities are ranked  based on indicators extracted from websites along with the quality of instruction, research results,  the global ranking of the university, the level of communication with the society and meeting the most important standards and requirements of scientific research including communication with different sectors and most importantly scientific research, research publishing and giving  the due attention to all aspects that affect universities ranking.

Al Watan Newspaper  



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