Education in Syria

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success. It is the greatest catalyst of development, Nelson Mandela has once said.

Education is the right path for world peoples  aspiring for progress and advancement. It helps in planning for an enlightened future. Syria has always paid special attention to education and hence Syria is one of few world countries in which education is free. But in spite of all privileges offered by the Syrian state to its people, the education sector faces real challenges and difficulties. The reasons behind this might be attributed to the following:

The newly-endorsed  curriculums are intensively information-focused that render them so hard to comprehend. Unable to cope, the students seem to tend more to memorize the texts rather than read them with a critical thinking. Scarcity of educational entertaining school activities might be another factor to blame. Among the reasons to blame for this, one might cite the lack of a specialization-focused programs. Students with special talents in certain domains of scientific or literary subjects  should receive more care and attention to promote these talents. In reality, students would get access to  college or university enrollment only when they manage to get a total score of marks in their secondary education exams. Students, therefore, focus all their efforts on how to get the highest possible score in all subjects, instead of developing their skills in the subjects that meet their talents, their skills and orientation and in which they might excel. Some significant changes  need to be introduced to improve the overall educational systems. Of the steps suggested, one might cite the following:

  • To initiate scientific and practical training and entertaining programs and activities through which students would indirectly learn about the subject matters they are studying.

  • To look after and try to promote the special talents of each and every student by encouraging his genial traits and by offering him/her the necessary facilities to pursue scientific and/or literary aptitudes.

  • To accord more care and attention to advanced scientific research and to focus on innovations and innovative ideas, especially those yielded as a result of scientific experiments. Such innovations should be further studied and developed to be of useful application.

  • To develop laboratories and Research & Development Centers. Teachers and educationists, in turn, should also upgrade their qualifications, either through various training courses or by other means of skill-building, in order to cope with the speedy pace of scientific

  • Wages, salaries and incentives should be increased so that the teachers and educationists would devote more time and efforts to their profession and do a better job.



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