The Big Serpent and the Little Serpent

By Nabih al-Bourji

A serpent dancing with another serpent; the Bigger one is tangoing with the smaller one: When would Turkish President RecepTayyep Erdogan realize that the US President Donald Trump is leading him by the nose right to hell?

An idiotic analogy is being drawn between “Greater America” and “greater Turkey”. It is simply idiotic to analogize an Emperor twiddling the globe with his toes  with a crumbling “Sultan” crumbling knocked downexactly in the city he has been  cherishing as the  “Sacred Gate” through which the Sublime Porte would regain the lost “provinces”. (The reference here is made to the latest losses sustained by the AKP Party in the Istanbul re-run elections). Is the Turkish President aware of what is being said and/or written about him in the United States? He is dubbed as the “hollow dictator” who has retreated now to the last wagon of the train. He, who has played the host to US Missile Shield facilities and he who has implored the White House (in his capacity as their “regional claw”) to let him manufacture some parts of the Phantom aircraft, using all his duplicities and Don Quixotism, not to harm the US military base inIncirlik, where the nuclear stock piles sits heavily on the Turkish chest.

With all of this in mind, he still thinks that Washington would hand him the keys to the entire region straddling up to Minor Asia and the Caucasus. When the documents of the Syrian crisis are declassified and made known to the public, the scandal would be as thunderous and as rattling as that of rattlesnakes: The ground-shaking scandal is that the Ottoman Sultan has communicated to the Prime Minister of the Israeli entity  Benjamin Netanyahu that he is prepared to move with his own hands the stones from Syria and the wood from Lebanon for him to “rebuild” the alleged “Temple” if only he is enabled to hold  control of Syria and Lebanon (as two states to be under the control of the neo Sublime Porte). He has reportedly suggested the establishment of a dual Turkish-Israeli condominium to co-run the region. May be you know how the Jewish Lobby in the United States known as the AIPAC  views RecepTayyep Erdogan, who has gone astray betwixt the temptation of history, the temptation of ideology and the obsession in geopolitics and geo-strategy. He is a Trojan Horse (of Istanbul? Or of Jerusalem? Who knows).

Anyway, he is the Trojan Horse that has been  used to disintegrate Syria and other than Syria. Once the mission is accomplished, he would be dumped somewhere along the road either in a garbage bin or a cemetery.

He has been goaded to lure in all barbarians of the world, especially from the areas he prefers to call “the Turkic states”. He had the illusion that it was only a matter of days and Damascus would fall to his hands. He would not listen to anyone not even his predecessor Abdullah Gul, who has repeatedly warned him that the destabilization of Syria would automatically lead to the destabilization of Turkey itself. He warned him that opening the doors to such primitive individuals with such a caveman culture  would surely have its dire impact on the sociological process of the Turkish society.

It was that grotesque collusion between the Ottoman arrogance and Arab Petro-dollar that enabled the devising of the “Deal of the Century”, the repercussions of which go beyond the discarding of Palestinians and the Palestine question. Such a deal may  perhaps entail the total negation of Arabs and anything they are interested in.

Let the nobles of the Royal Court tell us where are the Arabs in this deal? Mere human sediments, it seems. But they do not give  a damn. The only thing they care for is to keep these lifeless decoys, or better say these speaking decoys, at their gold-enameled thrones, though their crowns are in fact enameled with mud not gold.

Whereto? And for how long would  Trump and Erdogan keep their  “Tom & Jerry”-like show running in East Euphrates?  The first to allegedly protect the Kurds through the same known “chess game” while the latter, driven by the same Ottoman and Seljuk prejudices, seeks to annihilate the Kurds.

All of Washington’s bets and all of Ankara’s bets have failed. Trump once said: “Syria has never been with us”. Erdogan knows that Syria will never be on his side. He, who has planned to deploy the massive hordes of “Neo-Janissary” to some parts of the Syrian territories to wipe out the Kurds. Some Kurdish leaders are to blame, too; they are descending deeper and deeper into a sellout for vanity.

No border corridor, neither as a tactical nor as a strategic card, would protect him (Erdogan) from the yellow winds that would blow sooner rather than later. Had he simply reasoned things in the simplest and crudest manner, he would have realized that the Americans do not weigh him as anything more worth than a toy on a glass shelf. It is a matter of time when they would smash the toy on the floor.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts. The Arabic version was  published by Al-Watan newspaper.



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