Education and the vicious circle in Syria

The handing down of  knowledge and experience from one generation to another has always been an intrinsic feature of almost all  human communities. This process is endless and would continue to be practiced as long as there are societies aspiring for progress and development. Education is an essential part of this process.

And in as much as food and nutrition are essential for the human body to live and grow, education is essential for the intellect and for the development of social life. Knowledge would be advantageous and rewarding when flowing. The mere accumulation of knowledge without using it would be worthless. In other words, data and information grow while being processed.

What we learn at school should find its way to practical application in real life. Otherwise, education would be in vain. Some five million pupils and students  go to schools in Syria every day.

The question is: What do they bring back with them? (What have they learnt?). Experience and practical learning is more significant than the quantity of theoretical information we might gain. The main pillar of knowledge management is to create knowledge and nor to merely imitate others.

The main objective of all this is to attain overall development that would benefit the entire society. If we continued to just learning or just gaining knowledge, we would not progress. We have to produce knowledge.

The criteria used for rating the standard of  development is  the amount of knowledge being produced and the quality of scientific research being conducted. It is not measured by how much of these are being consumed. We do have the basic factors to produced knowledge and attain progress, but we are short of sound futuristic and visionary planning. This is a problem. If we are to have a future and we do not perform competitively enough, we would lost the competition and we would lag behind other nations. Therefore, we have to accumulate our own knowledge and stop being a mere consumers of what others produce. Knowledge and education should be streamlined harmoniously into the society so that each and every individual would have his/her own share of knowledge and  subsequent contribution to the  overall progress of the entire society. We have to plan and set into motion comprehensive  development planning to  upgrade our capacity and to orient them in the optimal  way.

We should surmount all obstacles  through interactive and innovative communicative solutions in order to attain the desired advancement.

Finally, we conclude with is this quote by the French intellectual Marcel Proust: “the human being should  grow as plants do, not as a building gets higher; because the plant grows from within. It synthesizes what it gets of food, water, air and light.



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