The Strategy of Deceiving Peoples

This method is considered one of the most common methods of political propaganda and was used by the United States many times in Nicaragua, Chile and Kosovo and in justifying its invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq under the so-called war on terrorism by passing information proved to be inaccurate afterwards, and prominent media was involved in transferring this information most notably The New York Times.

It is known that media plays a dangerous role to influence the individual in shaping his/her position on events, through the information and data provided and formulated in a specific manner, thus controlling the behaviors and concepts of the recipient. Hence, the media deliberately misrepresents and submits distorted information, leading to confrontation rather than discussion and cooperation.A large segment of the elite and few of those who belong to Western culture realize that the Western media has become a mechanism to demonize the general landscape of societies that reject Western policy.

The “deception” strategy in formulating press reports and bulletins that radio and television stations are full of, paints a picture contrary to realityand truth, and represents scenes inspired by the opinions of the extreme right, until it was able to create a state of fear and terror towards some countries and peoples, and tried to demonize symbols, figures and international leaders.

The Western media strategy also aimed at creating an unrealistic vision of the scene in the Middle East and served to fuel ethnic conflicts among the population that lived in peace for long centuries… There is no doubt that putting people in a state of fear, anxiety and permanent panic can pass any idea to their minds even if this idea seems unreasonable and irrational. Studies indicate that because humans lose their ability to think rationally when subjected to strong humanitarian or emotional pressure, you can simply then accept the amount of lies and exaggerations that are thrown into your mind through the media without showing any resistance. This is one of the most of what has been done during the years of the global war on Syria.



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