“Google”..Phone App Detects Acute Kidney Injury in Minutes!

Google’s DeepMind developed a great App that can detect potentially fatal kidney condition  for hospital patients in 14 minutes approximately and send  alerts straight to doctors and nurses. The app, called Streams, looks for signs of acute kidney injury caused by sudden damage or decreased blood flow to the kidneys, normally the result of another illness. It also looks for signs a patient’s kidney functioning is worsening, which doctors say could save thousands of lives.

Without rapid treatment, patients can die, end up on dialysis or need a transplant, according to researchers at London’s Royal Free Hospital.The app detected 96.7 per cent of cases considered an emergency – compared to the 87.6 per cent for current methods, according to results published in the journal Nature Digital Medicine. Streams works by collecting data, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood tests, from IT systems already in the hospital.

The data, alongside patient’s previous diagnoses, is stored in one place, allowing clinicians to easily read through results.

Streams can send an urgent alert to the right clinician to help; reducing the time staff would normally spend contacting each other.

 University College London team found significant improvement in recognizing acute kidney injury rapidly, using the developed app. DeepMind are hoping to pilot the technology in UK hospitals within the next 12-18 months.

Source: Daily Mail



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