The living that are governed by the dead

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

The living that are governed by the dead is a term that applies to every ( Muslim or non-Muslim who renounces his age in which he lives and rejects modernity to live in ancient times under the influence of Islamic books called “kinetic books” ) These books are obscene, stemming from the thought of the dark religious schools from the first centuries through Ibn Taymiyyah, 728 AH, Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, 1206 AH, Hasan al-Banna, 1948, and SayyidQutb, 1965, and whoever followed their school.

The words of those who did their work among the ranks of those who missed the right religious awareness and fell into the trap of dark thought, thus many of the old Arabs and Muslims canceled questioning and condemnation, and dropped “why “and invalidated” how”! (See Ibn al-Nadim in his book Al-Fahrst p. 245 and beyond).

were the two question to olsthat Quran asked Muslims  to usefrequently to build the creative smart human.

And those so-called scientists found the arena of human intellectual free, so they exploited this vacuum and began to interpret Koran and Hadith as they wish, and put thousands of Hadiths that support their bloody call, and established themselves as guardians of the nation, they confiscated the correct Mohammedi culture, which is characterized by tolerance, and took Islam far from the true religion of tolerant and loving, and each of them made the interpretations and jurisprudence that served them to control the people.

SayyidQutb has a famous phrase that sees Arabs and Muslims as “monsters” who are backward, and that he writes for these “monsters” to control them and drive them as he wish!  and all of those who followed him have got out from the era of modernity and became the livings that are governed by the dead and abandoned contemporary humanity to the ancient past distorted by the words of these killers and created a culture of brutality, terrorism and murder.



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