Thirty countries lift the siege on themselves and reserve an outlet in Damascus

Director of the General Organization for International Markets and Exhibitions “Ghassan Al-Fakiani” revealed that the number of countries participating in the Damascus International Fair in its 61st session reached 30 countries to date, including 25 countries with official participation through their embassies and five countries represented by international companies.

Al-Fakiani added that the total area reached (95) thousand square meters for the built and exposed pavilions, which is the largest area achieved by the exhibition since its first sessions in the fifties.He pointed out that the exhibition includes (50) pavilions;  the largest of themis the Syrian Arab Republic one with a total area of 7000 m2 and a width of 4500 m2 consisting of four blocks on two floors.

In it will participate manysectorslike food, engineering, chemical, service and new sectors of technology and information in addition to(14)  ministerial wings .

While some ministries have special wings such as / Media / Tourism / Internal Trade and Consumer Protection / Administrative Development / Ministry of Economy / Foreign Trade through its affiliated bodies /Al-Fakiani pointed out that the organization worked this year to lightup the entire fairground.

besides;an additional garage for 10,000 cars has been allocated and the number of access gates has been increased, with a gate for diplomats and media professionals.


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