The scourge of the Syrian war – the curse of refuge

Since the beginning of the ferocious media war on Syria, which began with the apparent demands of humanity to reveal the curtain of the denial of humanity for its atrocities and scenes of the massacres against the army , the institutions and components of the Syrian fabric of various spectrums.

The Syrian war constituted a cruel epic witnessed by human beings, stone and history.Perhaps the issue of Syrian asylum is one of its tragedies.

Three countries provided reasons for asylum in advance and built camps and motivated Syrians to seek refuge through promises, hopes and money, and cheered a lot for the scenes of the departure of Syrians by hundreds of thousands, and the goal was to empty Syria of young people to influence its human and military capacity, assuming in advance that these refugees will retaliate against the Syrian state,media and socialmedia were full of daily news that constituted a daily international series, for which international conferences were held,It formed a foster environment and the adoption of stories woven against the Syrian state, to provide platforms for Atlantic bases and brutal terrorist groups to strike the army and the Syrian state, which dealt with the issue with a lot of humanitarian, national and proactive way, Syria did not take repressive measures to the phenomenon or its consequences and did not erect barriers to its children ‘and left them with their personal and national choices.

The Syrian president said in many of his speeches: “We cannot compel people to fight against their will, nor we can compel them to stay.

We are in a state of war and war is devastating.we do not know its effects on individuals, everyone does what he sees fit. “

the denial of compulsory military service and reserve calls escalated;nevertheless President Bashar al-Assad did not make compulsory decisions by force, but adopted the rules of general amnesty and facilitating matters to return to Syria for those who wish to join the army or pay cash ascompensation;thus many decrees and exemptions, decisions and procedures adopted by the Syrian state.It did not take long till the call of refugees to (Angela) “Mama Merkel”- which defended the policy of receiving refugees-faded, and mentality changed beside the increasing desire of countries to becomeintrovert and consider the Syrian refugee burden on Europe and the world and then neighboring countries that cheered them previously.Lebanon, which his politicians has made some of the refugee lone wolves and time bombs, has fueled racism and reinforced coercive measures and attacks on refugees after the looting of aid and money under their pretext.

justlike Jordan, which was active in conspiring against Syria, bringing in weapons, experts and terrorists, plunged refugees into international television scenarios and traded in them in their camps.Turkey, having boasted of hosting refugees ;felt the deep crisis because of the burden of refugees, after using them in its political conflicts and conspiracies against their country through using them as sandbags to defend Turkey and its borders and interests, then exported them to Europe tousethem in blackmail operations in favor of Erdogan’s wishes.

The magic turned on the magician and the poisoned dagger turned to the side of the states, groups and communities that stimulated the asylum and priced Syrian migration.The scene of Syrians arriving at the embassies of the three countries to vote for the same president, who the asylum motivators assumed they would vote for others thanhim and topple him was a historical scene for the honorable Syrians of refugees of different colors, they stood in queues that filled the streets in the host countries and chose the president of their country.

Hewhocook the poisonmusttestit; how if thatpois on was meant for Syria…

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