Human Trafficking and its Danger on Children – Syria as an Example

The phenomenon of the sale and purchase of human beings, especially children, and women and what is related of complementary activities is spreading in most countries for the purpose of exploitation by the trafficker or others.

Trafficking in human beings may occur in one country or between more than one country, and human trafficking is considered a crime against the individual in international conventions, as the trafficker violates the victim’s right to move from his/her place and to engage in unwilling work by coercion and because its exploitation for profit.

Trafficking in human beings is done through the recruitment or transfer of persons through the threat and use of force, or through kidnapping or fraud, or the provision of funds and benefits to obtain the consent of a person who has control over another person for the purpose of exploitation.

Trafficking in human beings has taken new types and forms compared to what was known during the past decades of types of slavery. We will mention the highlights of these new forms:

1)  Sex trade. When a person engages in prostitution under threat, coercion or fraud, then that person is a victim of trafficking.

2) Trafficking in children. This type is related to all thosebelow 18. They are exploited, sheltered and taking care of for the purpose of sexual exploitation or trade in organs, which has widely spread in recent years and was the greatest risk facing society and its members, young and old.

3) Forced labor is when a person uses force, beatings, psychological pressure or any other coercive means to force someone to work. Migrants are the most vulnerable to this type of trafficking, but that does not mean that individuals cannot be forced to work in their own countries. Some children face this type of trafficking by forcing them to work for money through, for example, forced begging. This situation is repeated when the child is in the custody of persons other than the family.

4) Illegal recruitment of children. This phenomenon has recently spread widely in a number of countries, including our country, Syria, after being subjected to aggression and terrorism. Terrorists have used force and violence against Syrian children to take advantage of them as combatants or to use them in other forms of work, such as attracting the sympathy of the viewers by crying and screaming and making them create stories that do not exist as part of the fake media war against their country.

In 2014, senior leaders of many religions, including Buddhism, Evangelicalism, Catholicism, Orthodox Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, and Muslims, met for the first time in history to sign a joint pledge against modern-day slavery. This declaration calls for the elimination of slavery and trafficking in persons by 2020.


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