A Nightmare Lived by Military Experts in the Zionist Entity?!

What concerns “Israeli” military experts these days is the growing coordination and cooperation between the Palestinian resistance movements on the one hand and the Iranian Republic on the other, the alliance between the two parties reaching the highest stages of strategic alliance and the transfer of the most advanced military technology toresistance factions in Gaza Strip as a result, according to Rai Alyoumpaper’s electronic editorial.

“NirDvori,” military and security analyst at Channel 12 known for his extensive network of contacts with these experts within the Israeli military establishment, hasrevealed a “nightmare” thatis experiencedby this establishment, represented by laying their hands on intelligence reports that contain dangerous information divided into two parts.

First of which is the possibility of confrontation on both fronts;Southern Lebanon and Gaza Strip at the same time, a development that did not occur in any of the previous wars, where both “Hezbollah” and the Palestinian Resistance Movement have waged their wars in Lebanon and Gaza Strip separately.

Second of which is the arrival of highly sophisticated weapons and missiles from Iran to both “Hezbollah” and Palestinian Resistance Movements, on a highly accurate level like”Fateh 110″ missilewith 50 meters of accuracy if launched from a distance between 250 to 300 KM, as well as anti-tank missiles, and others which are shoulder-held that could down attack helicopters like Apache, along with “suicidal” bombed drones.

The newspaper concludes: the “Israeli”military experts are talking much these days about surprises in the coming war, but a war which consists of fighting on two fronts both in the north and the south. It was not at all in the minds of the political and military leaders in “Tel Aviv”.

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