Golani don’t be in a hurry..About Green Buses Heroes

By : Naram Sargon

I’m tired of those who rush to celebrate and leash the trilling cries of joy quickly before listening to the rest of the news;  but the disappointment of the people when hearing the rest of the news that comes after the trills is too much to bear.. And post-trilling pain is harder than pre-trilling one ..

one of this irritating people is a person that represent defeat in its finest image;  as his history is full of defeats and setbacks. His army became known as one of the passengers of the green buses (the ones that transport terrorists to Idlib after defeat).

He was in every location resembling travelers waiting for the arrival of the green bus to take them to Idlib.

He kept recommending us to provide the green buses until we thought he was the agent of the manufacturer… He is (Abu Mohammad Al-Jolani), who called people to celebrate in Idlib on the occasion of what he called “the legendary steadfastness of his army in Idlib” .. Golani gathered media and propaganda offices to promote a lie of his lies, which tickles the feelings of his incubator, which he has long promised of victory;  but now he has retreated until it reached the sink of the house designed by the engineers of the Syrian Arab Army in Idlib, the last gathering spot for germs and rodents.

Golani was following the dictates of the Turkish intelligence from repudiating letters from Sochi.

It is presumed that he has read the Koran andthat he is aware that when Islamic scholar swantstoteachtheir students the art of waiting and completing the understanding of the meanings they use as an example the Qur’anic verse (and do not approach prayer ..) where everyone insists that what is more important from this beginning is the end of the missing phrase is (.. when you’re drunk) I.e. do not rush interpretation and judgment and fatwa before you complete the verse.

But Golani, who pleads for any hope and victory, does not want to complete the phrase and does not want to ” pray”.

He considered that the army’s skirmishes governed by the Sochi agreements were the battle of Idlib and swore that the Syrians went to Sochi because they failed on the ground because the purpose of the Syrian army was to reach Idlib in the last skirmishes, but the green bus heroes stopped it and repulsed it..Great!

Golani acts like an idiot in the war .. He tries to strengthen his group, but doing that with illusions means killing them ;and he must be held accountable for that.

What the owner of the operating rooms in Aleppo does not know is that what is missing from the battle of Idlibis one thing that he had not imagined, namely the green buses.

The Syrian army burned the green bus because it no longer has a job;  as the process now is one of disinfection, sterilization and genocide by an international resolution agreed upon in its finest details.Can Golani be able to complete the verse (do not pray …. while you’re drunk) ??.

Or maybe do not celebrate victory while you’re drunk ?? .. being drunk is a blessing to the defeated .. here we remember the famous Arab poem: ( Abu Hind please don’t be in a hurry .. And wait so we can tell you the certain news ) .. or maybe we can say:

“Abu Nusra please don’t be in a hurry .. And wait so we can tell you the certain news

the certain news is that we are supplying the Green Buses .. and a lot of terroristsinthem captured in cuffs

We filled the land till Sahl al-Ghab with the shreds of Mujahideen”

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