O Syrian, Know the Damages of Drugs

Drugs are harmful to the individual and society, but their spread among members of society is considered one of the most dangerous things that must be taken care and caution of, by using all means to control this dangerous phenomenon, and with the help of all concerned to protect society and individuals from it.

This results in achieving a straight society with good manners and good habits. The harm caused by drug is not confined to the individual, but the risk is extended to the family and society, and thus to the entire state, including its security, productivity and economy.

Drugs negatively affect the individual, whether in their work, will or social status, as well as people’s confidence in them. It also makes the abuser a lazy person neglecting his/her duties and responsibilities, in addition to lack of enthusiasm and the will to achieve goals.

This leads to a bad relationship with all those who know them, poor marital and family relationship, increasing the percentage of divorce and deviation of children, and the number of homeless juveniles, differences that lead to the rejection of the addict from society.

One of the most important damages caused by drug use on the family is the birth of physically maimed children, as a result of drug abuse by the mother.

This also leads to the reduction in the actual income of the family, due to expenditure on drugs, and thus low health, nutrition, educational and social standards.

Abusers follow unacceptable habits in terms of gathering abusers at home and staying up all night, generating a longing for family members to take drugs, in order to imitate the abuser.

All of which leads to waste of state money in combating and treating addiction, the spread of chaos and corruption, Lack of per capita production of abusers, and therefore low socioeconomic production, and the spread of multiple crimes because the user is not aware of their actions, because s/he is in a state of unconsciousness.


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